Case Study – John Lewis Atrium

Touchwood Shopping Centre asked duRose to design a solution to a health and safety issue they had identified in their car park. The multi-storey car park had a void or ‘Atrium’ running from the top floor down to the 2nd basement level. The health and safety issue identified was a risk to pedestrians at the basement level from items being dropped or thrown over the edge of the higher levels.

After several different designs from safety netting to extending the handrail to the ceiling on each floor of the car park, it was finally agreed that duRose would create an area at the basement level that would protect the public and be aesthetically pleasing.

duRose’s design needed to have a similar look and feel to the handrails on the other levels of the car park and so we created a ring of stainless steel hand railing, infilled with perforated stainless steel sheets.  The other consideration was the need to clean the area inside the railings, so a door was created to blend in with the balustrade.

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