Case Study – The Gadget Show

The television studio that produces the Gadget Show approached duRose with a unique engineering design problem.

The Gadget Show wanted to be able to mount a 3D Flat Screen TV to the bonnet of a car. This was to be used as an alternative way to viewing the road whilst driving.

The design brief for this project stipulated that the system should be resilient enough to withstand the strain of impacts from pot-holes and general road conditions. The system also needed to be designed in such a way that it could be utilised on a number of different vehicles without the need to damage them. The overall visual to the device needed to have an obvious DIY feel to it.

Our bespoke design solution not only looked the part but it fulfilled all of the above requirements, even surpassing the client’s expectations in its strength and effectiveness. The device was able to withstand a collision during the live experiment demonstrating the excellence in design that duRose are able to offer all of our clients.

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